Who We Give to on 7-5-2020 At Niles Christian Assembly

Who we give to

Who we give to

Who We Give to


Changing the narrative.   Acts 17:28 

Who do we give to.   1 Chronicles 29:10

We give to the God of eternity.  Psalm 90:1–2Isaiah 40:28

We give to the creator of all things.  1 Chronicles 29:14Genesis 22:14

Does God take debit?  1 Chronicles 29:16–17Philippians 4:15–18Acts 2:44–45


This Weeks Challenge


Take time to process what you are feeling right now regarding the start of our giving series.  Are you happy, angry, frustrated, sad.  As you lean into what your feeling ask God to begin to work in your life to show you why you feel that way.


Lead Pastor at NCA

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