Thirst Quenchers – Kindness

Thirst Quenchers - Kindness


Thirst Quenchers – Kindness on 3/8/2020  Matthew 10:40-42

Watch Pastor Aaron Newell deliver this week’s message, “Thirst Quenchers – Kindness,” based on Mathew 10:40-43! Searching for a home church? There is a place for you here. We would LOVE to meet YOU this Sunday! Niles Christian Assembly 672 North Rd Niles OH 44446 330-652-7329



    1.  Share a kind word with someone who needs it.
    2.  Show real kindness to a person that cannot reciprocate.
    3.  Ask God to help you make your life one that bears the fruit of kindness on a regular basis,

Lead Pastor at NCA

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