Pastor Aaron Newell | How Firm Foundations Series | Niles Christian Assembly 01-06-19




Today was the first sermon in the Foundations Series called How Firm.

So what does our Foundation need?

A solid foundation.
Scripture:  Matthew 16:18

The good news of peace.
Scripture:  Ephesians 2:17-22

Access to God.
Scripture:  Matthew 27:50-51

The comfortable Jesus.
Scripture:  Psalm 118:21-22
Listen to Pastor Aaron deliver his message at Niles Christian Assembly in Niles, Ohio. Searching for a home church? There is a place for you here at Niles Christian Assembly. We would LOVE to meet YOU this Sunday!
Niles Christian Assembly. 672 North Rd Niles OH 44446

This weeks challenge!


Write it down.  This week I want us all to take stock of what the foundation of our faith really is.


Lead Pastor at NCA

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