Moms Matter Mothers Day Sermon At Niles Christian Assembly

Moms_Matter_Mothers_Day_Sermon_At_Niles_Christian_Assembly 5-12-19

Moms_Matter_Mothers_Day_Sermon_At_Niles_Christian_Assembly 5-12-19


Give her a break!  Mom’s Matter Mothers Day Sermon on 5-12-19  John 6:8-15

He created male and female.  Gen 1:27
Mom’s are prepared.  John 6:8-9
Mom’s take charge.  John 6:10
Mom’s provide.  John 6:11-12
Mom’s don’t do it for the glory.  John 6:14-15



3 Parts.

Part 1:  Make contact with mom or grandmother or what woman made a significant impact into your life.  Thank her for showing the character of Christ even when know she was doing it.

Part 2:  Slip away everyday for 5 minutes so you can reset and re-center.

Part 3:  Check out stuff Christians like on the web or get a book, also check out Do Over by Jon Acuff.


Lead Pastor at NCA

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