I Love You 3001 – Father’s Day – 6-16-19

I Love You 3001- Fathers Day 6-16-19

I Love You 3001- Fathers Day 6-16-19


Re-Create Series: I Love You 3001 on Father’s Day.  6/16/19  Luke 15:11-24

Kids are mean.  Luke 15:11-12
And a little bit stupid.  Luke 15:13-14
And a lot more stubborn.  Luke 15:15-16
Inspiration hits.  Luke 15:17
Our own plan.  Luke 15:18-19
Loving 3001 starts with anticipation.  Luke 15:20
Loving 3001 continues with acceptance.  Luke 15:21-22
Loving 3001 celebrates in recreation.  Luke 15:23-24
Loving 3001 doesn’t remove the consequences it works through them.  Luke 15:31-32




  1. Think of 1 person, pray for that person that you given up on.
  2. After you prayed for that person call or text them.
  3. Take them for ice cream.

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