His Passion Our Promise on 4-12-2020

Easter Sunday 4-12-2020 Pastor Aaron Newell of NCA

Easter Sunday 4-12-2020 Pastor Aaron Newell of NCA


Watch Pastor Aaron Newell deliver this week’s message, “His Passion Our Promise on 4-12-2020,” based on Matthew 28:1-9!

Hope.  Matthew 28:1-9

An Uncomfortable truth.  An understandable fear.  Mark 16:8

Too good to be true…but.  Luke 2:5-6, Luke 24:10-12

Called by name.  John 20:5-10, John 20:11-18

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Gather what you have around the house and make a sign that you can put in your yard or in your window or both.  On that sign write:

He Calls My Name.  Want to know more?  Find out on Facebook. https://youtu.be/g6McdKDlzX0


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