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The Four C’s of Salvation:

Creation – God created the world perfect. There was no sin or disobedience and humanity had a peaceful and close relationship with God.

Catastrophe – Man disobeyed God by sinning, which opened the door to complete calamity. Adam, Eve and all mankind rebelled causing problems, disease, fear, shame, pain, heartache and worst of all, separation from God.

Cross – God is just, therefore sin must be punished. God’s answer for sin and separation from Himself is the cross. The cross is about God’s Son taking your punishment. The bottom line is: Jesus died so you could live!

Choice – We must decide to accept or reject Christ’s substitution on our behalf. You must determine to either accept God’s love gift or reject Christ!

Won’t you receive God’s gift of eternal life today?

We believe that everyone at Niles Christian Assembly has a next step. Whether you are new to Christ or have followed Christ your whole life, we believe God has a journey for you toward true purpose and fulfillment.  No matter where you are in your walk with God, take your next step at Niles Christian Assembly.


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